Put It Back! (2022)

Put It Back! - 2022


The boy is told he has to let the fish go.

You seem to have stumbled across a hidden piece...

This piece was produced in May 2022, but is not yet available to the public. You can scroll down to hear a little about it, but for the actual animation, please stay tuned for future updates!


Boy brings bucket.
What did he see?
And this is as far as I can show you without spoiling anything.


Clip Studio Paint - Concept & Animation
ToomBoom Storyboard Pro - Storyboards & Animatic


Sound Design - Lyle Caban
Music Score - Liam Frager
Mom - Maria Pendolino
Bucket Boy - Jonah Bromley

Special Thanks

Peter Murphey - for the perfect combination of concerned frowns and the lack of a hard no
Mari Jaye Blanchard - for sharing the madness of multi-filming
Parents - for believing in me when I didn't

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