Mildly Abbreviated Biography

(or Artist Statement)

Anything by itself is meaningless—or so I have come to believe. The way a person understands anything is, really, through comparison with another concept or object. A dog is a dog because it is not a cat. A dog is a dog for its love of chewing shoes. A dog is a dog in its history with mankind. Would a dog without all this, by itself, still be a dog?

Such fascination has made me a writer, an artist, and eventually, an animator. I’ve taken my time with these questions, starting from being the 3-year publisher, writer and illustrator for Catsburrow, a literary magazine, to then being a painter of abstract landscapes in oils. With animation, however, I feel at home. It is a time-based and relational media in its being. I can blur the difference between two scenes, mingle different stylistic language between two consecutive frames, or place contrasting colors right next to each other in one drawing—and, combining all that, I can tell stories about two things that reveal the truth about each other.

Still wandering within this medium, I work with different tools, ranging from charcoal to digital painting. I produce everything from straight-on narratives to timed abstractions, and when this chaos is not enough, pack up to move to someplace new around the globe. This instability is an important to my work, as it is a representation of the path that I take—one place stacking after another, a time-based narrative in itself.