Mildly Abbreviated Biography

(or Artist Statement)

The more I think, the more it seems that anything by itself is meaningless. The way a person understands anything is, really, through comparison with another concept or object. A dog is a dog because it is not a cat. A dog is a dog for its love of chewing shoes. A dog is a dog in its history with mankind. Would a dog without all this, by itself, still be a dog?

Thoughts like these are what keep me up at night, and more importantly, make me a storyteller— a writer, then a visual artist, and now a filmmaker. I started out with running a literary magazine for 3 years, before exploring some abstract painting (at the price of sacrificing some nice clothes to vibrant oils). I tried my hand at coding, and was a graphic designer for almost a year, all the while sustaining a varying degree of interest in comics.

Thus, I sometimes hesitate to call myself a filmmaker. But with animation, I do feel at home. It's relational by nature: it exists between drawings, between frames, shots, and sequences. Between lines, between colors, between writing, and visuals, and sound... It cannot exist standalone. It yearns to be brought together, to be jumbled, to be bridged and rattled and coaxed into some chaotic rhythm!

And somewhere, between all those elements swirling together, I weave in stories about things, and people, quietly relating to reveal the littlest truths.

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If I haven't scared you off by rambling yet, you brave soul, feel free to check out my longer bio. And my cv is over here.