Print Some Print Media

As a child I always loved books. One wall in my room were taken up by three bookshelves. (I think I started with one, and whenever I reached a point where more books were horizontal than vertical, another was brought to existence. One of the three didn't match the other two, anyway.) The amount of time I spent with the books meant that 1) I read most of them (mostly thanks to the fact that I was homeschooled, and had no “assigned reading”) but then also 2) spent a lot of time looking at books. Cover designs, bookspines, page layouts, fonts, and all that, fascinated me to no end.

So it's probably not that shocking that at some point, I decided it was time I tried to make a book myself.

Dickinson Review (2019)

The Dickinson Review (2019)

Print Think Italy - Conference Booklet (2018)

Print Think Italy (2018)

16-page conference program guidebook for a printmaking event at Temple University Rome. Contains information on participants and events, as well as guides for using the facilities and getting around the city.