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2023 Update

November 11th, 2023

Okay, so apparently what prompts a cat to come to terms with the fact that she really has no time to realize those grand website upgrade plans anytime soon, is to spend almost 15 months being unable to do the simplest upkeep.

With reduced ambitions, here's some quick update:

I Made More Films!

A Perfect Day for a Walk came out at the tail end of 2022, and Tadpole was finished May 2023. They're both currently swimming through the film festival circuit. Hoping to get them on IMDb soon.

Tadpole is a bit of a weird one because it's not the sort of traditional animation like the others. It's actually a 360 film— as in, something you'd view on your VR headset, if you had one. It's been an interesting adventure with some exciting new tech.

Public release might need a hot... year or so, unfortunately. But I've been hoping to work on a making-of video, which may see an earlier release.

I Made More Films!

Speaking of making things, here's some shocking news... I'm not releasing another film this December! I know. But it's true. I am working on my next film, but it's longer and more complicated, and story progress has been a little slow.

Projected release for that one is May 2024, so please stay tuned!

About Those Older Films

Have you ever wondered how I've been calling myself a filmmaker (sort of) for the past two-and-a-half years, and yet have zero films actually online? I might as well be a scammer... Ha!

Okay, the hard thing is that these films are sort of... new. I know, they're over a year old. But when a film isn't big (or long) enough to see a theater release, it... often doesn't see the light of public internet for a good while after its completion. Like, a year or two.

The reason is because it spends those times being seen at film festivals! Tadpole, for example, lived in public venues for almost two weeks in England in November. Which is really cool! It also means you have to keep your film under cover while it sees exclusive releases at those events.

But we've waiting long... and two of my films from last spring (April and May 2022) are reaching that point! I am delighted to announce that The Snowman is set for an online release on December! It'll be thrown out to Youtube (I think) in time for proper snowpeople weather.

As for Put It Back!, I haven't figured out the plans yet. Snowpeople weather is rather irrelevant to that one... But fish bucket weather is too long a wait. So hang tight— it probably won't be long!