A Perfect Day for a Walk (2022)

A Perfect Day for a Walk - 2022


A determined dog tries to convince his owner out for a walk.

You seem to have stumbled across a hidden piece...

This piece was produced in December 2022, but is not yet available to the public. You can scroll down to hear a little about it, but for the actual animation, please stay tuned for future updates!


The sign.
Not that it would be easy...


Clip Studio Paint - Concept & Animation
ToomBoom Storyboard Pro - Storyboard & Animatic


Sound Design - Lyle Caban
Music Score - Rory Laws

Special Thanks

Andrew Zimbelman - advisor
Peter Murphey - for pointing out everything that wasn't working
Paige Hinton - for "Howie"
RIT Animation MFA Class of 2024 - for sharing the frenzy
Anna Morrison (and Jack) - for being the perfect friend (and her good dog)
MJ Blanchard (and Auk) - for being the perfect support (and her unforgetful dog)
David Long and Brian Larson - for being perfect mentors
Parents - for enduring the panicked progress reports

Dedicated to

Hazel - friend and companion in my darkest days

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