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June 19, 2022. Oh, I duuno mum, a house sounds like a lot of work...
June 17, 2022. And yet, we manage to do this every single day...
June 14, 2022. Well, the pen got its desired vacation, I guess.
June 12, 2022. I assure you, this'll be standard grandma posture by the time I get there!
June 10, 2022. I should start handing out tickets or something.
June 3, 2022. And then you wake up tired in the morning, again, for no good reason...
May 30, 2022. Once again, I say, "Once I get past this month...".
May 26, 2022. And yet somehow, I spend all day on my tablet...
May 21, 2022. I do take breaks. They just... all look the same.
May 19, 2022. Home sweeet home!
May 15, 2022. I swear, I used to bike in these every day...
May 12, 2022. We'll see how it goes...
May 11, 2022. You were just waiting for the semester to end, weren't you?
May 8, 2022. Now, whoever said I was bad at taking time off...
April 28, 2022. So excited to have screened my first film... Whew!
April 27, 2022. I know, I know. I've cursed it. But you didn't have to rub it in.
April 25, 2022. No, probably not very long at all...
April 22, 2022. A, uh, sea monster ate my circus ticket?
April 20, 2022. Don't assume that just because I'm a cat, I don't love dogs!
April 17, 2022. It was winter when I started it...
April 15, 2022. Sometimes I wonder who I'd be now if I didn't.
April 10, 2022. I like being an adult most times. April isn't one of them.
April 3, 2022. My April calendar could have been SO reasonable...
April 1, 2022. Hopefully, no one will actually propose on April Fool's?
March 27, 2022. That dryer was a lot bigger than it looked.
March 24, 2022. Things animators do.
March 20, 2022. Technical difficulties.
March 18, 2022. When you've made a bet that it would take at least four weeks.
March 13, 2022. End of spring break. Too soon.
March 5, 2022. Spring break.
Feb 26, 2022. One week till spring break.