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June Update

June 17th, 2022

What am I working on right now? Okay, let's just face it... that's always going to be a long story.

On the Two Finished Films

The Snowman and Put It Back have been sent off to a bunch of film festivals. (Yes, I did fully color the latter. I was wiping my sweaty forehead the end of May, a little exasperated at myself but happy to have that done nonetheless.) EPKs have been prepared, and now everything's off my hands! (Or so I can claim, as I check my email inbox with shaky hands every morning)

Now, coming up next...

These films are unfortunately still kept in locked boxes, due to festivals' premiere expectations... but I did update some sneak peaks of them in the Theater. Please feel free to check out some images if you're curious!

And with those two films just finished, I have thr... well, four, I guess, films I'm considering putting on the burner. (No MJ, I'm not going to make four films fall semester. I said considering putting on the burner. Looking at the rest of this year's calendar, I can confidently assure you that I don't have four burners.)

But it's super exciting to be doing preproduction and brainstorming again. It feels like it's been a hot second since I animated, and I'm itching to get back to the labor.

I should also say, for those who are no doubt concerned for me, that I am taking a break. I'm currently visiting home, which involves things like marveling at having food in the fridge when I know I haven't cooked or done any grocery shopping. And summer trails in the Northeast are wonderful for biking! (When it's not raining, I mean. You have to catch the right windows of time.) I also stuffed my luggage bag with yarn, though with how this past week has gone, I don't know if I'll have time to crochet... We'll see!

The Construction Continues

So, long in short, the fourth update (from version 3.0.4 to 3.0.5) brought mostly portfolio and content updates. Along with the two new titles in the Theater, Character Building has some more items, mostly from this past semester.

Rigmawrole that I mentioned in the last update is actually a bit up in the air at the second, as I was working on a system before I realized: I really, really don't have no room in my brain for any creative writing. Really. All my storytelling energy is being consumed, with loud slurps and sloppy gulps, by filmmaking preproduction. And some work stuff.

So I've been rethinking what exactly I want that space to be, because I do want to continue writing. Just not poems and short stories, like I used to do years ago. Right now I'm leaning towards doing something like... blogging. Just some casual creative non-fiction, where I ramble about my everyday (like this) and rant about random things like... uh, my thoughts on animation software, techniques? That nobody asked me to elaborate? I don't know, could be fun. For me.

In any case, you'll find out on the next update on July 22nd.

Hi folks! Some ufortunate news... I have been bombarded by work and some unexpected change of plans, and am having to push back the webpage update significantly. Please check back on August 12th for some overdue updates. Sorry, and thank you for your patience while I wrangle... my life!