Academic Studies (2021)

Everything Here

Is from either the 2D Animation Fundamentals or the 3D Animation Fundamentals classes, both taken during my first semester with the MFA Program.

The 2D works were done on a light table with punched paper and 4B pencils, while the 3D playblasts are from Maya 2022, a program which I opened for the first time in my life at the start of that class. The tangible techniques were a special addition to 2D Animation Fundamentals, where certain classes had stations set up with various alternative animating tools, and we were given an hour to produce something.

More will be added (and eventually some removed) every half-year!

Special Thanks

Vanessa Sweet - 2D Animation Fundamentals
Jesse O'Brien - 3D Animation Fundamentals
Mattea Guldy - model for the title card's figure drawings
Parents - for diligently paying attention to me when I sent the in-progress versions of these