the art of telling stories

“I like this place and could willingly waste my time in it.”

― William Shakespeare

The Residual

This is my current ongoing animation project, funded and supported by the Emil R. and Tamar Weiss Prize in the Creative Arts at Dickinson College.

Here, I continue my experimentation with light and color, playing with their capabilities to drive the narrative. The residual nature of the aesthetics, at times linear with the chronological order and at others in reverse, compliment and complicate the theme of place and memory throughout the piece.

Night Visitors

This was my first animation project, created over winter break. It was the point where my lifelong love of Pixar, in combination with my curiosity of whether I could actually animate something, struck some spark and I lauched into a project. After four weeks of breakfast-animating-lunch-animating-dinner-animating-bed, here it was. Not to mention that I was absolutely, irreversibly hooked into this time-consuming monster of a medium.

The full video is currently closed off from open view. Please contact me if you are an interested hiring party and would like to see the full 4 minutes!