Art Portfolio

Art Portfolio

Drawing and I are inseparable; I love creating imagery. I am yet to settle with a "specialty," but so far enjoy doing quick sketches of animals and people the most. Pencils are the most approachable, with charcoal, pastels, and pen with ink wash being other favorites.


My "web design" sample is this website itself, but I also enjoy working on event posters, print material pages and the likes - anything where the colors, shapes, illustrations, text, and fonts, have to collaborate for a design that is visually pleasing and informative at the same time. What makes a design attractive to the eye, and how to make sure that the right things stand out at the same time? It all comes down to communication, and living at a time where information has never been more abundant, this is the question.

I enjoy doing book covers, magazine covers, magazine pages, book pages, event pages, anything. I like the experimentation, the potential of a really good design, and the slippery slope of a quarter of an inch making all the difference. Finding the color scheme and the right fonts is usually where I start, and then I tweak until it starts to make sense.


Photography as an art form is in such an interesting position in our current time; with every smartphone equipped with a handy lens and every tourist center featuring people selling selfie sticks, photography is becoming quite redundant.

Honestly, it's a terrifying tool; it's so easy to convince people that a photograph shows something the way it was, when most often it's far from it. Far from it, but close enough in its unique way... that makes photography still one of the clearest, easiest ways to capture a moment. A memory.

Good photography is always in demand, and good photographers are always appreciated - because a good photograph manages to capture something that was there even while drawing something different, or create something altogether new that wasn't even there, that is interesting in its own merit. Am I on the way to being able to do that? I certainly hope so!


Why do people look different, odd, sometimes downright strange in photographs? That doesn't look like you. We think we see things the way they look, but when you really think of it... so much of our understanding of people is dependent on the way they move. You know it's Max even if you're too far away to see his face, because the way he walks. Emily's smile is what it is because of the way it appears. Each "image" we see is informed by the image right before it - that is how we understand people. And things. Everything. Okay, maybe not everything, but almost.

Animation is amazing in the way that it's one of two art forms capable of imitating the movement aspect of reality. The other is film, of course... but it is certainly easier to be conscious of every controllable aspect of animation than filming videos, because it's so easy to give the camera a mind of its own. Compared to hand-drawn animation, that is, where you have to draw each drawing. Each static drawing. The magic happens - here comes my favorite part - when you put them together, one after another, and find the right timing. There is a definite moment of click when the space each image is taking up in the timeline becomes just right, and the animated series of images becomes something more than its sum. It takes a life of its own. That time-consuming manual labor (because there's no denying it is exactly that) of finding that timing is one of my great passions.

Below are images of the results of that passion - my personal projects. If you are a potential employer and would like to see them, please contact me via email.


Enjoyed what you saw so far? Have any questions? Email me!